6 Steps to Follow for Grow thicker hair

Needless to say, it treats the importance of women’s beauty salon. Apart from this,hair places a vital role increase of outward beauty of man. But the day of the fault and negligence of indifference-we abandon the symbol of beauty. Nowadays, women with dark long hair does not come into notice. Once again the problem of baldness in men has increased than before. The main strategy to increase the thickness of hair is lying in your hand. To increase the hair thickness,these little tips are very much effective.

Top 6 hair thickness tips you should follow

1) Do not use shampoo every bath time

It is important to keep the hair always clean, but that is why using shampoo during bathing every time is not healthy at all for hair. Use of extra shampoo put natural oils away. As a result, it reduces hair growth easily. So at least 1 day interval shampoo may be used.

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2) Say Yes to scissor

Many people think that it is not important to cut hair to have long hair or hair thickness. It is very important to cut one inch of hair after every 6 to 10 weeks. At the ends of hair to grow, this will help in reducing fracture.

3) There is no alternative to oil

Grow thicker hair

The thickness of hair, oil there is another option for rapid growth. Hair growth in as much as the oil-rich material may not be done any other chemicals. You should massage, hot oil in your bottom of the hair at least 3 days a week. After mixing of equal quantity castor oil, olive oil and almonds mixed with oil and should apply to hair at least 1 day of the week. The hair is still increasing rapidly.

4) Look for the feed

Grow thicker hair

Hair growth does not depend only on outwardly applied material; it depends on inner nutrition of the hair. If you diet nutritious food for hair growth in your food lists, then it helps to grow hair rapidly. For faster hair growth vitamins E, A, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods should be included in the daily diet list.

5) Attention to the hair during the day

Long thicker hair

Unkempt hair, rub a lot louder, begin to pull their hair, hair tangled like a poet than to do wrong. The Orthodox are soft hair, hair fall and hair broke leads. Comb hair with a very good time.

6) Do not put wet towels round

Grow thicker hair

Many people at the end of the bath for drying wet hair wrapped toilet, which was very damaging to the hair. The Orthodox very soft hair, which leads to hair fall. Hair growth is reduced. Take a bath to recover the fan in the air to dry the hair. And certainly not the way of winnowing hair.

Be careful not to let the hair overexposure to the sun or rain. Excessive or too little sun will make hair color lighter, pay attention to the balance between the two.


Remember, hair growth, it will not be 1 a night. You have to be patient and to take proper care of the hair. Your inattention can cause hair loss is greatest. So be careful.

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